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Glass-capes Window Tint

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Glass-capes Window Tinting Art

Glass-capes Window Tinting Art

Window tinting art is the ultimate way to accessorize your car or truck. Glass-capes  is the new and innovative line of see-through vinyl window graphics that offer one-way vision. Customize the outside glass surfaces of a vehicle while maintaining a virtually unobstructed view from inside.*

Exterior mounted images will fit most pick-up and truck cap rear windows – plus side and quarter windows on many SUVs, multi-purpose vehicles and some RVs.

How Window Tinting Art Works

Micro-perforations create a 50% open area in the vinyl surface. All images are printed using outdoor quality UV resistant inks, which provide long-term durability.

Please contact us today to pick the window art you want for your vehicle.

* Please refer to the regulations or contact us to learn about your local laws regarding percent of light transmission and reflectivity before installation. Effects of condensation on vision quality of perforated window films: Rainfall, snowfall and car washes can fill the small perforations and cause diminished vision until drying occurs.

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