Aquapel Window Tint

Aquapel window tint helps drivers and boaters see clearly and drive safer by improving vision in poor weather. Aquapel also makes ice, snow, bugs and dirt easier to remove. And, unlike other rain repellent products, Aquapel lasts about six months on windshields and eight months on other windows and mirrors.

Aquapel window tint forms a chemical bond with glass using the same principals applied in the aviation industry. It is a flouropolymer-based coating that is applied to vehicle windshields and exterior glass so water will bead and roll off a moving vehicle or boat.

  • Dramatically improve vision in poor weather.
  • Repel rain, snow and sleet.
  • Make ice, snow, bugs and dirt easier to remove.
  • Reduce glare in the rain, particularly at night.
  • Applied to your vehicle or boat in minutes.
  • Durable coating lasts about 6 months or more.

Aquapel window tint is only applied by professional installers like Winners Window Tint. Please contact us today to see clearer and drive safer.